Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ag Media in Draft Horse Town

I told you all about the great opportunity of being the Calgary Stampede Ag Media Intern here and here.

I thought I would feature one of my highlights of the week on the blog today. One of our jobs as the Ag Media Committee was to set up interviews and activities for media sources to engage in. Rolfe at Shaw TV was one of our regulars, covering Stampede Ag for all 10 days from the heavy horses to the tractors.

Rolfe the Promo guy of Shaw TV
I got to tag along on Shaw TV's exploration of Draft Horse Town, one of my personal favorite exhibits at the Calgary Stampede. We did crowd control (making sure people didn't walk into the shot while filming) and suggested sites to visit and people to interview. We also ended up in the a wagon...being pulled by a television personality. I love Ag Media.
Rolfe got to hang out with Dave, the "Prince" of Draft Horse Town and a great guy to have at Stampede!
I couldn't embed the video, but I CAN tell you that you need to visit this link and click on the "Draft Horse Town" video (second row) to see all the hilarity live.You can see Nicole, another one of the committee members, and I being pulled in the wagon about 1:00 into the video. It was as awkward and hilarious as it looks.

Me(left), Nicole, and Rolfe the puller
I could handle having this as my day job. Granted, only if I'm the one being toted in the bucket and not pulling it. Hope you enjoyed the video, and be sure to check out all the rest of the Shaw TV Stampede Videos!


  1. I can't believe I have missed out on the Stampede two years in a row now, but thanks for your coverage. My internships with the Calgary Stampede was one of my best summer experiences.

  2. That's heartbreaking, Crystal! Hopefully you can get back next year for the Centennial. I had a great experience with the internship.