Monday, May 23, 2011

Cowboy Boots: A Girl Can Dream

No cowgirl gets very far without a good pair of boots.

Yesterday my parents and I made the trip down to Great Falls, Montana (a 3 hour drive) to do some shopping with my sister Jocelyn and her boyfriend Travis. For my dad and Travis, the trip entailed looking in old western antique and tack shops. For mom, Jocy, and I, it was a full day of shopping at the mall and Big R. I went with the mission to find new cowboy boots, and thankfully I found just what I was looking for at Big R in the Ariat Quickdraw boots.

I was desperately in need of a new pair, as you can see.

New boots!
Old boots- getting a little worn out

 I decided I'd outgrown the round toe and went for a square toe, as well as a higher shaft for a change. So far they're super comfortable and I'm pretty pleased with myself for the purchase! These boots will be great for everyday uses or riding. But I can't help but have a wishlist for the one day when I become a rich and famous ag tycoon. Here are my "someday" boots:

 These are both M.L. Leddy's boots. My mom told me about them after seeing them on display in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm still drooling. Unfortunately, I don't have $900 kicking around to finance these babies.

 Gorgeous boots from Old Gringo. I love how many boots now have embellishments on the toe- that's the part everyone sees anyways! The pair on the right may be my favorite. These two pairs are between $500-600.

These Dan Post boots are only $200! I love the turquoise.
Tony Lama boots for $570. Gorgeous detailing.

 One day, I will have enough boots like these for every day of the year. But, until then, I'll pinch pennies and continue to stare at these in awe. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Feel free to share some of your favorite wish list boots!


  1. Love them!! The turquoise pair (pic #1) is my FAVORITE!!!

  2. These are some great boots! The Old Gringos are probably my favorite (if only I could afford them)! I'm lucky enough to have tiny feet, so I breakdown sometimes and buy the kids boots because they are typically half the price.

  3. I love the turquoise Leddy's too- but the Old Gringo's are a tiny bit closer to attainable price-wise!

    That's very lucky Elizabeth, size 8-9 girls like myself can't get away with that!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting ladies.

  4. Rosie, I got to got to the Leddy shop and yes those boots are amazing. I LOVE those Old Gringos that are on the right hand side. Awesome finds.

  5. That's awesome Crystal, I'd love to go there. So do I, they're on my list for sure.

  6. LOVE this post Rosie!! Your "someday" boots rock.

  7. Thanks Robyn! I saw your post on Copper West about the boots in Country Strong- Corral Boots have now become another one for the "someday" list!

  8. I'm so with on the boot lust list, it's an everyday addition of mine! : )