Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ALMA Future Fare

Coming to you from plane 3 of day 2!

Today was excellent. The ALMA Future Fare was far more extraordinary than I expected, with world-class speakers addressing the issues around livestock and meat at the Edmonton Expo Center. Speakers came from the industry as well as organizations to which ALMA contributes funding. Unfortunately, Fawn and I had to duck out early after our presentation to make our flight, so we missed quite a few presentations I would have loved to see.

Fawn and I presenting
The best part about conferences like this one is the networking opportunities. Representatives from every sector of the livestock industry gathered in one room can get a lot done during breaks. The business cards are flying and conversation revolves around livestock, markets, trade, and all the latest industry happenings. It’s a great atmosphere to get people talking about the ag and food issues concerning them.

I was interviewed after our presentation by a radio program, Call of the Land, by Caitlynn Reesor. I also spoke on video with Megan Oleksyn of, which I’ll be able to post on the blog soon.

I love talking to crowds about my passion, and why a career and future in agriculture is so important to me. Talking about ag comes easily because it’s something I don’t have a moment’s hesitation about pursuing. I’m feeling pretty lucky to have found something I’m so passionate about.

Clearly the lack of sleep and out-of-whack ear pressure has me all reflective and such. Off to change the world again tomorrow at the NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference! Stay tuned for posts from DC.

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about it Rosie! So excited for you! You're great at what you do!