Friday, June 10, 2011

Live from DC

Howdy! Things are going great here in the beautiful but very muggy city of Washington, DC. It has been between 30 and 38 degrees Celcuis (85-100 Fahrenheit) every day, and I'm definitely not used to the humidity. But I spend far too much time complaining about cold weather to even think about complaining about the warm, so I'll take it.

Yesterday was a very big day for Fawn and I. We joined the NCBA Young Cattlemen's Conference at the Canadian Embassy for the day, hearing a YCC alumni panel in the morning, presenting on the Canadian cattle industry at lunch, and listening to a 5 Nations panel in the afternoon. We also took part in the YCC banquet that evening.

Big thanks to our coordinator at the Embassy, Pamela, for organizing our stay and making sure the day went smoothly.

Me, JD Alexander(President-Elect, NCBA), Pamela, and Fawn at the banquet

The whole day was a fantastic opportunity for networking. I was able to see old friends and contacts and make new ones. Our presentation was well-received and we had many questions and conversations about Canada-US relations later on in the day. More on that in a later post.

On the balcony of the Canadian Embassy. If you look closely, the
Vancouver Canucks flag is flying under the Canadian one.

Also, note my farmer's tan acquired at the Birchall ranch last weekend.

Everyone needs a cheesy pose picture with the Washington Monument. This is my second.

Today gave us the opportunity to spend some more time at the Canadian Embassy and tour the monuments of DC. More touring to come tomorrow! I promise to post a far more reflective blog post after my trip about some of the great speakers and conversations at YCC. However, my brain will need some unwind time first!


  1. Sounds like a great trip so far! Love that last photo:) Looking forward to hearing more about your trip in detail.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I hope you enjoyed the last DC blog about the conference. It was a great experience.