Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aggie Days- Opportunities in Agriculture

Hey there! This post was written as one of several feature blogs for Calgary Stampede's annual Aggie Days, a free event which showcases the diversity of agriculture to consumers. Aggie Days is happening April 21 & 22 at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta. See their Facebook page and other blogs here.

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When you think of a career in agriculture, what comes to mind? A farmer driving a tractor in a field, or milking cows every morning and afternoon? These are vital jobs in Alberta’s agriculture sector, but you may be surprised to discover just how many other career opportunities are available in the business of food, fuel, and fibre.

The agriculture and food industry includes primary production, manufacturing of agricultural products, distribution, and marketing. Professionals in agriculture can be found ensuring meat safety in a processing plant, treating sick animals at a veterinarian’s office, developing national campaigns promoting farmer’s products, or harvesting fields of wheat.

As an Agriculture Business undergraduate student at the University of Alberta, my degree has shown me the many diverse opportunities I will have as an agricultural professional after graduation. I’m planning to use my university education to work in communications for an agricultural company, and continue my passion of sharing the positive stories of agriculture with the public. I may not be doing the combining myself, but I hope to advocate for the people who are.

My passion is showing and telling others about agriculture. What's yours?
In 2000, agriculture accounted for 1 in every 7 Canadian jobs, and contributed to 8.3% of our total Gross Domestic Product. Agriculture is a huge aspect of our nation’s economy and jobs, and encompasses far more than just primary producers. Canada is a large producer of grains, oilseeds, red meat, poultry, swine, and dairy products. We require a strong labour force to not only make sure we can produce these agricultural products, but also market, distribute, and export them. There are many people working to keep agricultural practises sustainable, finding new energy sources and uses for agricultural by-products.

You'll find plenty of interactive agriculture exhibits like this one at Aggie Days!
A job in agriculture is not what it used to be. Hundreds of degree programs are available at universities across Canada for you to pursue your professional dreams in agriculture. How does a degree in Agriculture Economics, Range and Pasture Management, Sustainable Agriculture, or Animal Nutrition sound? The agriculture industry has evolved to allow career opportunities for virtually all talents and passions. 


  1. Don't forget that going on to law school after graduation and practicing as an agricultural lawyer (or a lawyer with clients who work/have interests/have needs in the agricultural sphere) is a viable career opportunity as well.


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