Thursday, August 25, 2011

AgChat Foundation Conference #ACFC11- Pt. 1

{Note: This started as one post. Then I realized I had way too much to tell you about my trip to Nashville. Part Two is coming at you tomorrow!}

Remember the #AgChat Foundation conference I told you about? It was this past weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, and I think I may have finally recovered enough from all the agnerd-y fun and information overload to tell you about it.

This conference featured a day and a half packed full of education on social media, "agvocacy" (agriculture advocacy), and networking. I was able to meet dozens of people whom I've only ever spoken to on Twitter, blogs, or Facebook, and meet new people who share my passion for agriculture. More on that tomorrow!

I arrived in Nashville early with another Albertan agvocate, Rebecca, for some fun and touring. We wore out our boots on Broadway in 38C degree weather, careful not to miss a single western store. I've told you before that I have a weak spot for boots.

These almost came home with me. Until I saw the $700 price tag. One day, Corrals, one day.
On Saturday night we met with Colleen to see the one and only Grand Ole Opry. To say it left me speechless may be an understatement. With wildly talented acts lik Vince Gill, Little Jimmy Dickens, Larry Gatlin, and Bill Anderson, the Opry did not disappoint.

Rebecca & I in our Opry best
Vince Gill. Amazing.

Our final free day was spent with Marie and Rachel touring the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Thank goodness these ladies were as devout country fans as myself. We had perma-goosebumps on the backstage tour of the Ryman, and learned about the livesof country music's most famous, including Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, at the Hall of Fame.

Ryman Auditorium backstage tour
Ryman backstage
Patsy Cline. LOVE.
Did I mention I am an incredibly huge Patsy Cline fan? My family was subject to many a Patsy cover (my favorite being Walkin' After Midnight) from my 8-year-old self.

We also took in some live music and fried food. 
The south loves their fried food. 
And for this, I love the south.

More to come on the actual conference tomorrow!


  1. Oh I hope to go next year! I wish I had known about it earlier! It seems like such a great opportunity!


  2. Love it! Thisnwas my second time visiting nashville and all the further I have ever made it was the Ryman :(. Just to hard to get enough free days away from the farm sometimes tomtake it all in.

    It was great to meet you in person, hopefully our paths will cross again!


  3. Loved Nashville and loved meeting you crazy Canadian girls!

  4. Too funny. My sisters and I sing Walkin' After Midnight whenever we get together and have a "little" wine. Patsy is still my fave! And thanks for the picks of the Ryman tour. Gave me goosebumps just lookin' at them :)

  5. Rosie, SO glad you made to Nashville and the Agchat Conference! Thanks for the tour of Nashville, someday I hope to visit. Can't wait to hear about the conference through your recount:)

  6. Hannah, you would love it!

    Mike, I am really glad we had a few extra days to tour. If you didn't get all your sightseeing done that just means you need to go back! It was great to meet you too, and I'm sure they will.

    Carrie, I had so much fun with you! Thanks for the cheese. :)

    Suzie, that is hilarious. Patsy is definitely my favorite. The Ryman was amazing, you will have to make the trip out one day!

    Thank you Nancy! I had a fabulous time.