Sunday, July 3, 2011

Five Nations Beef Alliance Young Ranchers Program

As I may have mentioned here before, I had the amazing opportunity of travelling to Denver this January for the Five Nations Beef Alliance Young Ranchers Program.

The Canadian Delegation- heavy on the estrogen
I spent 9 days networking with other ranchers from Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and also Argentina. We toured local ranches, a case-ready meat plant, NCBA headquarters, and the National Western Stock Show. We participated in international round-tables and spent an evening with Dr. Temple Grandin.

This video was shot at the end of the week. It features all of the Young Ranchers discussing our experience. I'm speaking about 2 minutes in.

This video was just released. It was produced by Crystal Young and her team at apicreativemedia. This is an in-depth look at the ranches in five nations, with the young ranchers discussing their operations. The Canadians in the video are Allison Porter and Samantha Sperber. Huge thanks to Crystal for a job well done on this video!

For more information on the program, feel free to leave a comment or visit the 

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