Thursday, May 19, 2011

Virtual Farm Tours

Ever wonder what happens on a sheep farm? Or what exactly raising ostriches entails? How about how that steak on your plate spent the first year of its life?

One of the dilemmas farmers and ranchers find themselves in is how to show people what we do every day. Of course the best solution would be for every consumer to visit a few different types of farms themselves, but we know this isn't very practical. So the Ontario Farm Animal Council has come up with something fantastic to teach you more about where your food comes from.

They're called Virtal Farm Tours. With a click of your mouse, you have inside access to a chicken, cow-calf, deer, turkey, vegetable, grain, or other types of operations. There are 15 different categories and within those even more tours you can take. I love this site because it really is the next best thing to actually being there. Using your mouse to navigate, you have a 360 degree view of the farm you have chosen, and can click on the question marks for an explanation of different buildings and objects.

Tip: Hold down your mouse and move side to side to rotate the view. Don't try to click and drag.

 Virtual Grain farm
Baby calves on a dairy farm
Egg processing on a laying hen operation
Sheep Farm

This site is a great reference source for any questions you might have about how animals and crops are raised or grown. I found things I knew very little or nothing about and educated myself by clicking through the scenes.
Try it out for yourself. I assure you, you will learn something. And probably spend more time than intended looking through all the different farms. Happy touring!

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