Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Attention Canadian Young Cattlemen

If you're a Canadian involved in the cattle industry between the ages of 18-35, there's a very exciting opportunity for you. If you don't fit those criteria, read on anyways to learn about some seriously cool stuff happening up here.

I've blogged about the Cattlemen's Young Leaders program on here before as I was a participant in the pilot round last year. The second round of young leaders are almost done their mentorships, and application deadlines for the third are fast approaching. I've been approached by a few people to talk about my CYL experience and what theirs might entail if they apply, so here it is.

What is Cattlemen's Young Leaders?
A mentorship program for young adults involved in the cattle industry in Canada. You will be matched with a professional in your area of interest based on your application, and over a 6 month period, participate in cattle industry events with other CYL members and your mentor. You are given a $2000 budget for travel and expenses for your time as a young leader.

Dianne and I at a Media Tour at Harvie Ranching
What can I do during my CYL mentorship?
There are many industry events you will have the opportunity to attend as a CYL member. The Beef Value Chain Round Table, Alberta Beef Producers annual meetings, CYL Forums, and the NCBA Cattle Industry Conferences are just a few examples. You will also be able to "tag along" with your mentor to events in their line of work. I accompanied my mentor, Dianne Finstad, to the Canadian Finals Rodeo in 2010 which she was a rodeo broadcaster for.

Will I have time for CYL along with school, ranching, or work?
The CYL schedule is incredibly flexible. I balanced it along with my first year of university, and although I ran into a few time conflicts, it was absolutely doable. Having a flexible work or school schedule will be to your advantage in participating in more CYL events, but over the 6 months you should have plenty of time to get the most out of your mentorship experience.

Dianne and I at the Canadian Finals Rodeo

What was the best part of your CYL experience?
This is a tough one. I would say the greatest thing I got out of CYL was my relationship with my mentor, Dianne, and the many contacts I made through her. One of the greatest individual experiences, however, was my trip to Denver as the international mentorship component at the end of my CYL term. I got to participate in the Five Nations Beef Alliance and International Livestock Congress during the Denver Stock Show, an experience which taught me so much.

The CYL girls I traveled to Denver with for the FNBA

Apply here! The deadline is February 25, 2012. 

If that hasn't convinced you or you still have more questions, please comment below or shoot me an email at rosie.templeton(at)live(dot)ca. I would love to see more talented young people involved in a program that teaches so much.

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