Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals for the New Year

2012 is going to be a big year. Like, huge. Big enough that if the world ends this December, I won't even be that upset.

Let's do this, 2012.
Featuring a new haircut, because I'll get more accomplished with cute hair.

I prefer setting goals to resolutions. To me, resolutions are fun ideas like "go to the gym" or "spend less money on clothes" that I will briefly imagine myself doing, maybe even do for a month or so, but never actually stick to. Goals are things I have to do. Things that I will work my absolute hardest to make happen unless I decide there's a better goal for me to be going after. So with that nonsense, here are my 2012 goals.

1. Make Oklahoma State happen for Fall 2012. This includes maintaining the necessary GPA to get a transfer scholarship, applying for student loans, finding a place to live, visiting in February, and making the move in August.

[Note: I tried to find a picture of me studying, but there are none. There were, however, more than a few of me having a lot of fun. Finding a balance between those two is part of the first goal.]

2. Put everything into my summer job so I can get everything out. I'll be a summer sales student with Bayer CropScience, a great opportunity for any agriculture student. I want to learn as much as possible about this side of the agriculture industry.

3. Make things happen with Collegiate 4-H. I'm the President of the Collegiate 4-H club at my university, and this is our first official year as a club. I want to see our first campus events this year, and to help youth 4-H members learn about the possibilities of a future in agriculture.

4. Stay in contact with my friends at home and in Edmonton when I leave. Remember I'm only saying temporary goodbyes to pursue an amazing opportunity that will be the best thing for my future career and provide the experience of a lifetime.

That's how I do the new year. It's time to focus on everything I have going on this year so I can make my dreams happen. As more opportunities come up and circumstances change, this list will probably grow a lot this year.

Of course, I have silly resolutions too. I bought gym shoes because, obviously, not having any was the only reason I haven't been hitting the gym. And I need to start budgeting my money because Oklahoma, unfortunately, is not going to come cheap. Better study habits are on there too.

So enough from me, what are your new years goals? What huge things are you going to make happen in 2012 so you can go out with a bang (possibly literally)?


  1. Love your goals.. I still haven't written mine down. I should probably get on it.

    Included on the list is taking the GRE and looking into grad programs along with big financial face lift.


  2. Great goals! I agree with making goals over resolutions. I love your haircut - so cute!!

  3. Those are really exciting goals Hannah! Good luck with grad school.

    Thank you, and thanks for reading, Jessica!

  4. Going back to school for a BS in Civil Engineering. Working full time and starting a full load of classes next week.

    Working really hard at my job, even though it's not my long-term plan.

    Staying on top of finances and credit building.

    Being pretty and having a social life. This means keeping beauty appointments and being choosy with my time; not wasting the precious time that I have on things that I'm not passionate about.

  5. Those are great goals, Amy. Good luck making them happen!