Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Em' Balog

Those of you from agriculture backgrounds likely have your local "go-to" auction market.

For those of you who don't, here's a little insight to what one of these businesses is like. I spent a lot of my life at Balog Auction Market in Lethbridge, Alberta. Whenever our steers would sell or a big sale was happening, Dad would take us to the auction market to sit in the stands and watch the madness happen.

A group of steers we fed being sold
Bids go flying as a new animal or group of animals take their place in the ring. Each bidder raises their hand, tips their hat, or nods when they want to continue bidding. A lesson I learned early in life: never wave at an auction sale unless you intend to buy. 

I was (and still am) lucky to have an incredibly talented and charming auctioneer, Bob Balog, or Uncle Bob to my sisters and I. Balog Auction is operated by Bob and his siblings Darwin and Maureen. 

Bob Balog
From their website, "Over the past 30 years, Balog Auction has sold 2 million head of livestock and have owned and operated part or all of eight different auction markets, but in 1993, we decided to "come home" and focus on the operations of markets owned at Lethbridge, Alberta and seasonal sales held in the Tompkins, Saskatchewan market." 

Balog Auction supported me through my 4-H career by selling our steers, provided sponsorship to the Junior Hereford groups, and continues to support youth each day. This past summer, they provided generous sponsorship for me to attend the AgChat Foundation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Bob can also be found at my family's production sale each year. 

The support of local businesses is an integral force in keeping small communities alive. I appreciate having good friends and business partners in my life. Thanks, Balog's, for everything you have done for our community. 

If you are reading this from the Southern Alberta area, be sure to stop by the 15th Annual British Breeds Calf Sale TODAY at 10:30am. There are always great cattle ready to be bought.

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