Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harvest Time

It's hard to keep up an agriculture blog when you're living in a city of a million people. Although slightly devoid of inspiration, I am very much still here.

University is keeping me busy as it tends to do, but I'm finding time for a little fun here and there.

The farmers of Alberta are plugging away at harvest (so I hear), and since I can't be home to help out, I'll offer up a few favorite harvest tunes. Because as many of you know, good combine music makes a job go far faster.

Luke Bryan- Harvest Time

Did you know? Luke Bryan's dad was a peanut farmer and owned a fertilizer business in Leesburg, Georgia.

Craig Morgan- International Harvester 

Jason Aldean- Amarillo Sky

High Valley- On the Combine

FYI- The Rempel brothers that make up High Valley are farm boys from Northern Alberta. 

Now I want to go home to the farm. If you're on the combine these days, I'd love to know how harvest is going as well as a few of your favorite harvesting tunes.

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