Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeding the Bulls

It's occurred to me that my summer at home ends in about two weeks.

This means I'll be saying goodbye to my cows, my country house, and all the peace and quiet of country life.

Here's one of the simple little ranch chores I might be missing when I'm stuck in the big city immersed in textbooks and sounds of sirens instead of moo's.

These photos were taken while I was trying to herd the bulls toward their grain which I had poured into the feed bunks. With the bunks over that hill behind them, they took quite a bit of convincing.

They figured it out eventually. It's important that we chase all the bulls, every last one, to the bunk so each bull gets his share of grain. 

We're feeding these bulls a wheat mid ration, which is a byproduct of the flour-making process, to help them gain condition for our fall sale. Come November, they will be auctioned off to different breeding operations to go do what bulls do best. 

Do you have any questions about how a breeding operation works? I'd love to help out. Especially when I'm back at school, missing the cows, and looking for any excuse to talk about them.

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