Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet the Girls

I'd like to introduce a couple of my favorite new ladies to the world.

They're quite hairy, a little attitude-y, and newly pregnant (I hope).

These lovely girls are my summer show heifers.


 XTC Redneck Girl
This is a commercial heifer- meaning she is a cross between two or more breeds, in this case Red Angus and Hereford. 

XTC Impact Arcola 90X
This girl will show in the Purebred segment of the show. Purebred meaning she is the product of a full Hereford mother and father in this case, with no other breeds in her pedigree. 

They're very pleased to meet you. Please excuse them if they lick and/or bunt you. They mean well.

From now until showtime, my free time will be dedicated to getting these girls show-ready. This involves "training" their hair to go a certain direction and have volume, cutting their hair using special cattle clippers, washing them often, and training them to behave and stand correctly in the showring. 

I'm off to give the girls a much-needed bath and haircut!

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