Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog, where I plan to share with all of you about my life in the agriculture world. Here are a few facts about my life and background to get us acquainted.

1. My family and I raise purebred Hereford cattle and crops on our farm. Our job is to feed and take care of the cows who have babies every year, and then sell the calves once they are grown or keep them for the herd.

2. I am currently attending university for my degree in Agriculture Business. 

3. I love cattle shows. This January I had the privilege of attending the ultimate cattle show, the National Western Stock Show. Check it out!

4. I have a passion for volunteering and was raised on the 4-H program. To me, 4-H means educating and providing opportunities for rural youth to succeed not only in their communities, but in their futures.

5. My goal is to have a career in Agricultural Communications- working to connect you, the consumer, to the hard-working livestock and crop farmers who feed the world.


  1. Rosie, great to see you blogging, and thanks for following along with mine. That is a great picture of you.

  2. Great blog Rosie!! I'm excited to see some more posts!!

  3. Thanks for your support girls!