Thursday, May 5, 2011

From Rubber Boots to High Heels

Farm Girl's first Big Girl job!
Image found here- they do exist!

Most people are surprised when I tell them I reached 18 years without actually ever having a part-time job. That is, a paid part-time job. I've been working on the farm more or less since I had the motor control to do so, and I'm quite sure the slave labor I have endured at the farm violates more than a few employment standards. 

So at the end of every high school year, rather than handing out resumes, I headed up the road to our family farm. Much of this time was spent working on my own cattle and halter-breaking, grooming, and otherwise preparing them to be shown during the summer. This summer, my usual summer uniform of worn out jeans, a t-shirt, and ball cap has been given the boot, and in it's place? Business semi-formal office clothing.

I decided it was about time to get myself a real job this summer- the kind that pays in more than just dinner every night. I'll be working with an agricultural lending and insurance company as a summer student. Thankfully, the job still entails agriculture, so I won't be completely out of my element. I'm looking forward to working directly with the producers in my area to make their business more successful so they can thrive while they produce quality food. I consider this job a very exciting and important stepping stone into my life as an agricultural communicator. I will learn more about communicating effectively with others, and gather experience in a professional setting.

Although, I can't pretend I've made a clean swap between the rubber boots and high heels. The job is only 8-4, leaving 16 perfectly good hours on weekdays and full weekends to be devoted to slaving away at the farm!


  1. I know how it feels, my sister and I were discussing what we should call it and we decided it was more of a sweat shop because we were under working age for most of the time. Anyway I love your new fashionable boots, I will make for an easier transition after 4. P.S make sure to book plenty of time of for bonanza as you are going to need time to recover. ;-)

  2. Rosie thanks for adding me to your blog list. The amount of experience we can gain on the farm is awesome, but college years fly by, and getting work experience off the farm will be an invaluable experience. Good luck this summer!

  3. Wyatt, sweat shop is a good way to put it! And unfortunately, work required a choice between Bonanza and Synergy, so it's just synergy this summer.

    Thanks Crystal! Your posts are great, I always look forward to reading them. Day one of the job was a success- it's great to be working and involved in agriculture at the same time.